General information on patterns

Information on fabrics and haberdasheries

The information on fabrics and haberdasheries is listed on the back of the pattern envelope for most patterns. Often in 2 languages and in inches as well as in centimetres.
The information on fabrics and haberdasheries is offered in our shop as a .pdf file, so you can check what materials your need even before you order.

The information on fabrics and haberdasheries may also be in the sewing instructions. This may be especially hard to decipher in foreign patterns. If you still have problems after watching the instruction video, please get in touch with us.

Language of patterns

Many of the brands sold by are foreign. This means that Dutch sewing specifications are not always included.

Every pattern lists the available language.

The Vogue, Butterick, McCall's, Simplicity and New Look patterns have a Dutch sheet enclosed with general information about the structure of the pattern. These are not sewing specifications!

For support, you can print a glossary, which lists many English sewing terms with their Dutch translations.

Seam allowances

Foreign patterns often already include the seam allowance.

Cut the fabric tightly along the pattern. Please do not forget, because your clothing will become several sizes too big quite easily!

The standard seam allowance is 1.5 cm, but please check this in the sewing specifications. There may be differences between the different brands. We also list the seam allowance in the information with every pattern in the shop.


The available sizes are listed with every pattern. The pattern is available only in these sizes.

Every pattern often lists several sizes, enabling you to combine, we call these size sets. If the pattern is available in different size sets, then you can make a size choice with your order. Size sets are usually indicated with a letter code.

If all available sizes are on 1 pattern (a multi-size pattern), you cannot make a size choice.

Large sizes

We aim to have a comprehensive collection of fashion patterns in large sizes. The large sizes-patterns have a been listed in the category and usually go up to European size 58 (this is USA size 32W). The brand KwikSew has large sizes patterns up to size 62. The new Butterick patterns by Connie Crawford go up to size 70!

However…the brands McCall’s, Neue Mode and Jalie also have many of their regular patterns in large(r) sizes. Jalie, as a rule, almost always goes up to size 58.

For men and children, unfortunately, there is less choice. Some of the regular children’s patterns are also published in PLUS sizes. This is the large size version of the model.

We recommend that you not only look at the sizes listed with the pattern, but also to consult the sizing tables (every brand has their own table).

Every pattern contains several sizes in the envelope, enabling you to combine different sizes if necessary.

Important: The large sizes patterns by McCall's list the waist measurement sizes in inches under the USA size on the envelope. These are not the corresponding European sizes! The inch-girth sizes are much smaller than the European sizes. The sizes listed in the shop and in the sizing table are the correct ones.

Level of difficulty

We indicate the level of difficulty with the pattern in stars. This is an indication, because it depends on personal experience. Beginning seamstresses are advised to choose the 1 or 2 star patterns.

Please take into account the language of the pattern! Any foreign language is not taken into account in the level of difficulty!

  • * Very easy / beginners
  • ** Easy / some experience
  • *** Average / experienced
  • **** Difficult / a lot of experience, professional